Copyright VcToria Gray April 2018. None of these photos may be copied or reproduced. You will be sued.

Picture One: The blue Datsun F10 that Louise and I traveled in through the US in 1977. Follow the story in the book.

Picture Two: Debbie outside our apartment complex in Pierrefonds, Montreal, Quebec. 1978. My best friend, her story is in the book.

Picture Three: The Volkswagon that amazingly lasted a long time. The canoe was picked up from the side of the road. All in the book.

Picture Four: Louise and I in 1977 at Lac Malo, Quebec on the weekend of the raid. Sitting on the canoe. The story of the raid is in the book.

Picture Five: Donald and I on our balcony in Lasalle, Montreal, Quebec 1977.

Picture Six: Donald sitting in a rocking chair 1976 in Lasalle, Montreal, Quebec.

Picture Seven: Me, holding Donald’s guns. It had to be 1975 on Evelyn Street in Verdun, Montreal, Quebec. This photo got me convicted. The story is in the book.