Donald’s Letters to me

December 15, 1975 Side One: Talks about December 1976 as his release date, and about having to be tougher than the next guy.

December 15th 1975 Side Two: A poem Donald wrote to me to express his feelings.

December 17th 1975: A bit boring, but we wrote because we loved each other. I find out it seems I may be getting prison visits. Mentions seeing me on the 23rd December.

Jan 19th 1976: Letter to me from Donald to Tanguay. I had gone to see him on my pass. He talks about his deep love for me.

March 11th 1976: Debbie’s accident had happened and he got the news and called Lorna’s. Talks about that. Says he saw the parole guy and there is no chance at all for him.

March 18th 1976: Now gets two more charges from the ‘stayed’ charge I write about in the book. He cannot try for parole because of that.

June 16th 1976: Letter from Donald to me. I am out of jail now.  He is mad at Debbie and his brother Beaver for money and things that they have taken.  Talks about how I come above all his friends.

June 24th 1976: Just another letter telling me I come first, and his love for me.

Debbie’s Letters to Me

March 16th 1976: Letter from the hospital where she describes the entire injuries as I described and copied her letter in the book.

March 29th 1976: Still in the hospital but in better spirits. Talks about having a crush on Dougie.

April 18th 1976: We must have had a fight. I think it was over something she wrote to Donald or he wrote to her. Debbie is still in the hospital and apologizes.  It is the last letter I have from her before I get out in June.

My letters to Donald

October 15th 1976: Just a letter telling him what I am doing daily and how much I love him. Tell him a letter from Roman arrived for him.

October 15th 1976: I talk about not being able to visit in this letter.

October 21st 1976: I am asking why I have not had any letters from him in one week. States he is locked up for 24 hours a day. Shows how I depend upon him emotionally.

October 26th 1976: I must have moved as I say I am setting up the place and also have not heard from him. He obviously got the letter as there are a bunch of inmate names scribbled on it with numbers. I mention Louise and how she took care of Roman’s car. I mention his birthday.

November 4th 1976:  I mention my younger son’s birthday. I mention his lack of letters to me, even though he wrote his Dad. My letters continue to show my emotional dependence on him.

November 24th 1976: I talk about the wonderful letter he sent. My daily stuff, including my car breaking down again. I mention my happiness because he is back to normal. I show more dependence on him and his way of seeing me.

December 1st 1976: He obviously has called his mother and asked for Dougie to be at his court case that is coming up. I talk about the case in the book. I feel he is backstabbing me and break off the relationship.

December 6th 1976: Obviously my break up letter meant nothing, and believe it or not I actually apologize for it! I talk about having my younger son over for the weekend. I must have been at court and it was put over until January 31st 1977. Mentions Debbie getting busted for passing a fake credit card.

December 8th 1976: I don’t get any letters for 4 days and I ask ‘do u not love me anymore’? I show how I really am emotionally messed up, and talk about the snow and my car. I make an intelligent statement about our love at the end of the letter.

December 10th 1976: Two days pass and I send him a NASTY letter. Someone told him a vicious lie about me. He seems to have believed it and I get on his case in LARGE print!

December 31st 1976: These are all the letters I had that I wrote to him. All of my letters over the years were lost in fires or riots or his moving around from pen to pen. He is released to Parthenais and the case was postponed till May. I assume since I would be visiting him that this may be why there are no more letters.

Donald’s Letters to me

April 18th 1979: Short letter. He is back inside for now for 12 years.   He apologizes for his moods, and talks about May 3rd, which is written about in the book, from when he was released from Parthenais.

May 25th 1979: I must have broken off with him. He refers to me going back to visit him last March. That was when I arrived back from the USA in 1978.

December 15th 1980: It seems like I am writing periodically, but it sounds like we are more friends than making plans together. He is in the SHU [special handling unit] still and mentions his 23 hours a day in a cell. He refers to it as a hell hole.

July 23rd 1982: A very short letter telling me he is leaving for Millhaven and asking me to visit. Obviously we must not have been talking much as he states he did not have my address. The letter reveals that I wrote to him.

May 6th 1983:  A very long letter that I believe was written after our trailer visit in Millhaven. Talks about working a real job and his love for me.

June 2nd 1984: Pages 1 to 2: The start of a long letter from Millhaven. Refers to how once my mind was like his but I changed and that is good for me. Also refers to the upcoming charge of murder. He is not charged but is under investigation.

June 2nd 1984: Pages 3 to 4: Talks about how he hopes I meet someone to love like I loved him. Talks about doing himself in and then says he will not. He says that if he does then “now his problems are over”.  This is the letter where I quote “a whore with a heart of gold” in the book.