As I (VcToria) talked about my life to people, many commented upon the fact that I needed to write a book. “Why?” I would ask. The answer always remained the same: “You have had a very interesting life.” So I wrote a book.

I did not write this book to regale my life to others, as I am at a time of growth where only my opinion matters to me. I do not need outside approval. I do not depend on family, friends and others to give me joy. I give joy to myself and see myself as being joyful and contented with this growth.

It was not always that way. I depended upon others for emotions. I came through every possible outlet that one could choose before I understood ‘only you can help yourself’

Donald, the main character in the book, sends me through the entire journey that I believe I had to go through to find me, myself and I.

Today, after a series of up and really strong down turns in life, I wake up every day feeling content and loved by myself.

Today I do a lot of psychic reads for clients. At times I take what they are going through and relate a true part of my life back to them in hopes that they will really understand that there is a light at the end of the tunnel because I found it. I take the time to explain how and what one needs to get there. Each time I tell a piece of my history I am told to write the book.

Now, as the book shows, will the past be my future? Now I feel my emotions as ‘wants’ not ‘needs’ so if the past is to be my future it is because I ‘want it to be so’ not ‘need it to be so’.

Because this book is a ‘memoir,’ I do not wish to give away any suspense.  My biography is really my book.

May positive thoughts be with you everywhere.

~The Author, VcToria Gray.