As I (VcToria) talked about my life to people, many commented upon the fact that I needed to write a book. “Why?” I would ask. The answer always remained the same: “You have had a very interesting life.” So I wrote a book.

I did not write this book to regale my life to others, as I am at a time of growth where only my opinion matters to me. I do not need outside approval. I do not depend on family, friends, and others to give me joy. I give joy to myself and see myself as being joyful and contented with this growth.

It was not always that way. I depended upon others for emotions. I came through every possible outlet that one could choose before I understood ‘only you can help yourself’

Donald, the main character in the book, sends me through the entire journey that I believe I had to go through to find me, myself, and I.

Today, after a series of up-and really strong downturns in life, I wake up every day feeling content and loved by myself.

Today I do a lot of psychic reads for clients. At times I take what they are going through and relate a true part of my life back to them in hopes that they will really understand that there is a light at the end of the tunnel because I found it. I take the time to explain how and what one needs to get there. Each time I tell a piece of my history I am told to write the book.

Now, as the book shows, will the past be my future? Now I feel my emotions as ‘wants’ not ‘needs’ so if the past is to be my future it is because I ‘want it to be so’ not ‘need it to be so’.

Because this book is a ‘memoir,’ I do not wish to give away any suspense.  My biography is really my book. The ‘Forever’ has now been added to the updated 2020 republished version.

May positive thoughts be with you everywhere.

~The Author, VcToria Gray-Cobb.